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Targeting Business success? Have you ever given a thought to your expense sheet yet?

A man spends most of his life chasing the almighty dollars, then why wouldn't he be keeping books to know where is his all money going? Traxpense is a mobile application that lets you log all your daily expenses on an easy go. You can even categorize your expenses into business, personal and medical or even more to effectively balance your books.

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Wondering how Traxpense can change your world?

Easy to Customize : This application gives you the power to customize and use it the way you want. You can easily manage and customize your own and your team's profiles and can also change the default settings of category as per your requirement.

Insightful Analysis : As a business owner you must always have deep insight of your business expenses, with Traxpense you can get the complete report of your daily expenses and can easily analyze them through the insightful graphical presentations.

Authentication proof : While filing on the numbers in the form, you might miss out the actual figures. The screen shots of paper receipts and the audio records can easily help you in reconciling and authentication of actual figures.

Save time : This mobile application lets you conveniently record expenses and manage them without any hassles, so that you can now easily concentrate more on running business and efficiently balance books for maximum returns.

Identify who is spending more? If you are a business owner and have a team that is helping you in expanding and running business, you might be concerned that everybody match up with the set budget line. Traxpense allows you to have a complete access on team's spending, while having an access on individual spending to know who is spending how much.

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